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Clockwork Empires Build 41b / [2015ъ

полный обзор Clockwork Empires Build

Жанр: Strategy, Sandbox 
Разработчик: GaslampGames 
Издательство: GaslampGames 
Сайт разработчика: https://www.gaslampgames.com/ 
Язык интерфейса: Английский 
Платформа: PC 

Системные требования: 
■ Операционная система: Windows® XP (SP3) / Vista / 7 
■ Процессор: 3.2 ГГц 
■ Видеокарта: 512 Мб 
■ Оперативная память: 2 Гб 
■ Свободное место на жестком диске 1гб 

В Clockwork Empires игрокам предстоит сыграть роль Младшего Бюрократа и превратить небольшую колонию в могущественную империю. На создание игры разработчиков вдохновила уже ставшая легендой Dwarf Fortress. Однако несмотря на то, что Gaslamp Games позаимствовала кое-какие идеи у Тарна Адамса, обвинять ее в плагиате не стоит. Внешне, кажется, игры совсем непохожи друг на друга, да и принципы исповедуют разные. 
Во-первых, игрок сможет полностью «настраивать» свои здания. Перед тем, как что-либо построить, вам предстоит определиться с функционалом и условиями, все остальное игра сделает за вас. Во-вторых, каждый отдельно взятый горожанин будет обладать собственными целями и стремлениями, поэтому «мэру» придется заняться не только макроконтролем, но и микроменеджментом. Что касается сеттинга, действие Clockwork Empires происходит в девятнадцатом веке с легким напылением «лавкрафтизма». 

Доп. информация: 
Установи играй 
Список изменений
Изменения http://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=224740 
Build 31B: 
• FIXED: cultist_power variable typo meant cults were powerless 
• FIXED: coconut curry now properly requires chillies 
• FIXED: can no longer cook fishperson steak out of fishperson steak; requires raw fishperson meat. 
• FIXED: sugar can now be eaten raw 
• FIXED: crop crash (when attempting to harvest spoiled/corrupted crops) 
• FIXED: animals are no longer attracted to human civilization 
• FIXED: buried corpses should no longer upset people 
• FIXED: consume_food hooked up properly 
• FIXED: stumps from chopped trees can be cleared properly now. 
• FIXED: chance to plant evil crops was out of whack with intended 
• FIXED: eldritch transformation cannot be interrupted 
• FIXED: can no longer have conversations with axe murderers 
• FIXED: fleeing from murderer corpses 
• FIXED: cooking and recooking longpork tag error 
• FIXED: ai_damage was double inherited, leading to all kinds of problems 
• FIXED: shrine rotation (maybe) 
• FIXED: melee_combat w/o weapon didn't properly set melee_combat tag 
• Cultists can build stone OR wood shrines 
• shrinebuilding & transformation gives notification 
• people will run away from murderers 
• shrines are now randomly rotated 
• Conscription button now says “conscript unit” or “retire unit” and shows appropriate image depending on context. 
• Cleaned up Fishpeople butchering/eating humans 
• Assembling Gabions no longer requires a shovel (so soldiers will not drop their weapons to assemble gabions) 
• Assembling Gabions will never be prioritized over fighting 
• Soldiers will now run to pick up their weapon in all cases 
• “Military Training” will encourage soldiers to value fighting more 
• Farming job utilities more or less equalized 
• Made it slightly more likely for fishpeople to get butchered, especially by morbid colonists 
• Giant Beetles are now “armoured” 
• Added more animals to biomes 
• Made upsetting things in general slightly more maddening 
• Spruced up some placeholder death descriptions 
• Fishpeople get mad when their people are killed (unless they’re raiders, which are fair game) 
• Fishpeople can destroy gabions 
• Gabions and crops now have hitpoints 
• Alerts generated when fishpeople destroy crops or gabions 
• Misc. chair/table improvements 
• Beds now have restfulness bonus (applied every 3 seconds while sleeping); in short, better bed = less sleep needed. 
• Reduced absurdly high search range for the fishpeople’s “Butcher Human Corpse” and “Eat Human Flesh” jobs 
• “Military Training” should allow soldiers to hold their ground better in combat (unless they’re really upset) 
• balance: murderers get automatic Frontier Justice 
• balance: axe murder requires madness 
• balance: axe murder requires having built a shrine 
• balance: shrine building requires madness 
• balance: shrine building reduces shrine power 
• balance: death of a cultist will reduce cult_power 
• fixed typo in tutorial 
• fixed typo in place_shrine.fsm 
• balance: reduced madness requirement for some cultist acts 
• balanced shrine counter cost downward 
• yet more balance for cultist acts 
• log ticker for murdering 
Build 30: 
• FIXED: various bugs in the module renovation screen: ghost modules will now be moved correctly, modules will now be moved correctly from place to place, etc. 
• FIXED: Doors created in module placer will now correctly punch holes in the walls 
• FIXED: Players can no longer construct farms on top of farms, buildings on top of buildings, farms on top of buildings, etc. 
• FIXED: scroll bar now appears in module renovation screen 
• changed glow effect for under-construction modules 
• Required modules now actually required to designate construction of a building. 
• Done button on the construct building menu is now grayed out when it cannot be used (i.e., when no footprint has been placed or when required modules have not yet been placed.) 
Other UI/UX: 
• Left-clicking on an alert now sends you to the source of the alert, if possible. Right-clicking the alert clears it. 
• Sparkles will shoot up whenever a resource node is discovered from the fog of war. (#historicallyaccurate) 
• updated commodity icons from commodity edb (+ added grenade launcher icon, finally) 
• FIXED: crops destroyed by fishpeople will clear up their squares with parent farm now (were stuck flagged as occupied before)
• Giant farming overhaul performed! 
• crops require tending at various stages of growth, or they’ll spoil 
• spoiled crops must be cleared before they can be replanted 
• added some new crop art assets 
• farms are smarter about their jobs (will keep harvest jobs in the farm zone assignment rather than giving them to everyone, etc) 
• “till soil” now has some sfx and pfx 
• adjusted colour of cabbage sprouts 
• up-sized pumpkin plants 
• added Fishpeople diversity (they now come in different colours) 
• Fishpeople attack event added (the event popup is just to alert the player, fishpeople are spawned regardless of whether they read the event); Lots of things make fishpeople angry, and if they’re angry enough they will attack you. The more anger, the more attackers. 
• when a Fishperson is shot, he or she will interrupt his or her current activity & make him or here angry and attack land-humans in a larger radius than before 
• Fishpeople will spawn along the shore nears their eggs, not anywhere on the map 
• harvesting caviar will cause more Fishpeople attack events 
Characters / Memories: 
• Removed a few recursive emotions/memories (E.g. “I felt angry recently. THIS MAKES ME ANGRY”) 
• Poets will occasionally read their poetry to others. Decent poetry will make people feel tranquil. Decent poetry is relatively rare. 
• New “feeling angry” emote animation replacing the old one. The old one will eventually be put back in as a reaction to conversation. 
• FIXED: Drinking. Drinking booze will (generally) settle down strong emotions but cause tiredness. More effects to come. 
• FIXED: interrupted drinking will no longer semi-permanently attach whisky bottles to people’s backs (Drinks drop properly when drinker is interrupted, tools are stowed properly.) 
• FIXED: Characters should always, always have 3 traits now 
• People now correctly pick up, drop corpses for burial. 
• A huge number of jobs are now more or less desirable based on character traits. We’ll see how much insanity this causes. 
• Inspecting machinery job now plays an animation. 
• Various new memories added to characters 
Nature Harvesting: 
• various nature harvestable cleanups performed: 
• > “Clear Sapling” and “Clear Stump” are uniquely named jobs now (for the click & drag orders) 
• > “Clear Object” job generally renamed to “Clear Terrain” 
• > jobs set via click & drag won’t perform viral propagation 
• random foragable dropped airship crates are scattered on map 
• Stockpile edge pieces now in place. 
• added a small ‘wander’ to end of stockpile return jobs so people wouldn’t stockpile themselves in neat rows 
• Workshop jobs no longer reorder themselves in the menu. Jobs at the top of the queue are prioritized, but if they cannot be done, the work crew will attempt to perform subsequent jobs until they find one that can be completed. 
• Workshop jobs no longer temporarily appear and disappear from the Jobs tab. They will now only appear when the job can actually be performed. 
• added a cheaper, less effective “Stone Oven” to the kitchen. It is built with stone blocks. 
• “standing desk” module is optional for all workshops 

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