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Trials Fusion [Update 8] (2014) PC | RePack от SpaceX

полный обзор Trials Fusion [Update 8]

 Жанр: Arcade, Racing, 3D
 Разработчик/Издательство: Ubisoft
 Язык интерфейса:   EN/FR/DE/PL/ES/IT/CH/NL/JP/BR +  Русский
 Язык озвучки:   Английский
 Тип издания: RePack
 Таблетка: Вшита (3DM)

 Операционная система: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 
 Процессор: Intel® Core™ i3 3.0 GHz
 Оперативная память: 2048 Mb
 Звуковая плата: Аудиокарта, совместимая с DirectX® 9.0с
 Графический ускоритель: 1024 Mb, OpenGL 3.1
 Свободное место на HDD: 12 Gb

Trials Fusion – это созданная по классическим канонам платформенная гонка нового поколения. Игровой процесс хранит верность традициям полюбившейся многим серии — это нескончаемые состязания в классических и новых игровых режимах.
Update 8
Кто-то писал:
New Features:

- Added a Multiplayer Ranking system
- Added UGC tracks to Public Matchmaking
- Added Spectator Mode updates including:
- Spectator being able to manually start the game;
- Spectator asking players to get ready;
- Being able to move and zoom the camera;
- Added ability to switch camera by lanes;
- UI modifications to more clearly show which player is currently selected;
- Several camera fixes;
- Added ability for hosts to skip heats in Multiplayer Private and Spectator modes
- Added ability to save parameter presets for tracks in Multiplayer Private and - - - Spectator modes
- Added new graphics for controller buttons
- 5 new Supercross tracks for Local Multiplayer


- Fixed an issue where button prompts become overlapped when a player opens the in game menu during a spectator race.
- Fixed an issue where the window button is not functional while navigating from My Group to Select Mode
- Fixed an error where the word "Occurred" is displayed incorrectly as "occured" in the “error occurred” popup message
- Fixed an issue where infinite loading could be observed when a player accepts an Online MP invite & Press the "Y" button immediately in the main menu
- Fixed an issue where the game can go into an infinite loading screen if a game invite is accepted on the Uplay registration pop up
- Fixed an issue with a possible game crash while loading any track after the first tutorial
- Fixed an issue where the leaderboards load after every page and the player cannot move further without loading scores in leaderboards.


- Fixed an issue where the game could become stuck after changing the track type from X-Supercross to Trials after connecting spline points
- Fixed an issue with debug text being visible when changing between high and low end Layers.

Single Player:

- Fixed an issue where a ghost of any PSN friend is not visible to the user if they have more than 50 PSN friends

Track Central:

- Fixed an issue where expired maps are still present in the time-limited top list of Ninja.
- Fixed an issue where the display order for tracks in the “all time: ninja” feed were incorrect
- Fixed an issue with text spilling out of the boxes for "Top rated this month:X-supercross" when booted in Russian


- Fixed an issue where the squirrel music sound source is not audible in Rags to Riches
- Fixed an issue that could result in Voice Over audio abnormalities


- Fixed an issue where the button prompt to Toggle HUD in the replay camera controls screen is wrong for the Japanese region
- Fixed an issue where button prompts and text overlap each other on Replay Camera Controls screen while watching replay of any track


- Fixed an issue where a player may not receive messages regarding tournament participation in the notification center after a new tournament match comes out, as well as no notifications after a friend or team member beats the player’s record.

Spectator Mode:

- Fixed an issue where keyboard keys can be shown in place of controller buttons in spectating mode
- Fixed an issue with control and menu inconsistency while scrolling the options "View Profile, Mute, Remove" under My Group during gameplay in private match as spectator


- Fixed an issue where a player could be directed to the main menu upon pressing L1 after accepting an online MP invite
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect message is shown to user when host sign-outs PSN on result screen
- Fixed an issue where VOIP is not functional in an online MP lobby if user signs-out of PSN and signs-in again
- Fixed an issue where two MultiplayerRoundEnd events are called when the user suspends and resumes the title during an online MP session.
- Fixed an issue where opponent ghost were not sufficiently transparent while on Single Player Tracks
- Fixed an issue where the last track final heat score is skipped and Podium screen score is shown instead
- Fixed an issue where the "MUTED" icon is not displayed for a blocked player in the player list
- Fixed an issue where the invite party button is functional but not visible when all the tracks are deleted from tracklist
- Fixed an issue with test saying "Leave Party" instead of "Leave Group" in a multiplayer lobby
- Fixed an issue where "After the Incident" is missing in the popup for "Missing content packs" in a private match
- Fixed an issue where 5 X-supercross tracks are not selectable in Local Supercross
- Fixed an issue where the player is not directed to the host's lobby after accepting a game invite under certain condition
- Fixed an issue where a single button performs multiple functions at the same time in private match as spectator
- Fixed an issue where a host is able to switch between players using left analog stick in private match as spectator mode
- Fixed an issue where the game can become unresponsive on the track loading screen after performing certain steps in private match
- Fixed an issue where "Track Time" on the result screen spills out of the frame for all the languages other than English & Chinese
- Fixed an issue with 1st lane alignment after the 5th checkpoint in Snow Blind
- Fixed an issue with the wrong error message being displayed if the player is thrown out of an Online MP session.
- Fixed an issue with the wrong popup message being displayed when the player leaves the group using "R2"
- Fixed an issue with text displaying outside of the placeholder of the online multiplayer pop-up when launched with a new profile
- Fixed an issue where the in-game NAT Type detection is not properly updated when manipulating routers settings
- Fixed an issue where brackets can be seen for the 'FOR TIME' and 'FOR FAULTS' columns in the French language'
- Fixed an issue where text overlap could be seen on the result screen in French language
- Fixed an issue where deviations may not be shown on the final Podium result screen of Quick Match
- No NAT type is shown if the player accepts a game invite from outside of the game.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong message prompt can be shown for a master account when accepting a multiplayer invite on the trial version of the game.
- Fixed an issue where the camera controls can behave erratically while spectating in an Online Multiplayer match.
- Fixed an issue where multiple players are shown highlighted when one of the players exits the private match session
- Fixed an issue where the same track could appear in multiple slots in the "track voting screen" of Quick match
- Fixed an issue where the deions of shared tracks are shown the same for all locally saved tracks in a Private match lobby
- Fixed an issue where the first letter of first word "one" on the Popup message to kick a player who does not have DLC in Private match or Spectator match is not capital
- Fixed an issue where text spill out can be seen in Russian and Japanese languages in multiplayer

PC Only

- Fixed an issue when Season Pass pop-up does not appearing , if it was redeemed in Uplay
- Fixed an issue when game get crashes on Dualshock 4 disconnection.
- Fixed auto-detection for X-Box One controller.
- Fixed camera controls images for X-Box One controller and Dualshock 4.
- Fixed an issue when friends ghosts does not appearing when player have more than 100 friends


- Fixed an issue when game get crashes on low-end PC's while DLC's are downloading.


- Fixed an issue when track name gets overlapped by track image, if track name is long.
- Fixed an issue when voice chat icon blinking when mic is disconnected not properly


- Fixed an issue when game get stuck , if network disconnection appears , while user sharing track.
- Fixed an issue when D-pad button's mapping of X-Box One and Dualshock 4 controllers in 'Object tutorial' message
- Fixed an issue editor mapping shown on pass track stage of sharing track


- Fixed an issue when game get crashes when user close Uplay.
Особенности Игры
Достоверные физические модели транспортных средств и сюрреалистичные трассы гарантируют захватывающий игровой процесс, которым не могут похвастаться ни одни гонки! Демонстрируйте свое бесстрашие с помощью совершенно новой системы трюков FMX и сами выбирайте путь к победе на разветвленных трассах. Ваша конечная цель — линия финиша, но главное испытание ждет вас на самой трассе. 
Неважно, проходите ли вы трассу в одиночку, состязаетесь с друзьями или участвуете в глобальном турнире — в окружающем вас мире всегда царит дух соревнования. Разнообразие и глубина игровых возможностей, число которых будет постоянно увеличиваться, позволят вам утолить свою жажду состязания несчетным количеством способов. Благодаря постоянной поддержке особых турниров и разнообразных событий, командным гонкам и множеству других функций, которые появятся в игре в будущем, соревновательный дух в ней со временем будет становиться только крепче. 
Погрузитесь с головой в безграничный мир Trials с помощью трасс, созданных игроками во встроенном редакторе. Благодаря сообществу, в которое входят самые изобретательные и умелые на земле авторы трасс, игроков ждет непрерывный поток пользовательского контента. Trials Fusion регулярно предлагает вам новые трассы, открывающие дверь в мир безграничных возможностей — только настоящие фанаты серии Trials могут создавать такие шедевры!

Особенности RePack
Установи и играй!
За основу взято Deluxe Edition издание Steam (ID: 245490)
EN/RU Инсталлер
Запуск игры с рабочего стола
Качество аудио 100%
Качество видео 100%

Trials Fusion - Riders of the Rustlands
Trials Fusion - Empire of the Sky
Trials Fusion - Welcome to the Abyss
Trials Fusion - Fault One Zero
Trials Fusion - Fire in the Deep
Trials Fusion - After the Incident

Вшит Update 8 (Ubisoft)

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